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 Inspiration for All4PetsWNY

We were made aware of a very sad situation. A mother and her young child brought their young and otherwise very healthy pet for a treatable medical condition to a vet. After spending $600 trying to treat the animal with medicine, they realized surgery would be necessary. The mother had a life-threatening illness of her own and had just been informed her health care provider would no longer cover her treatments. Due to this they could no longer afford to pay for the pets’ care and unfortunately the pet had to be euthanized. We started All4PetsWNY to save lives, one at a time, and to help caring pet owners keep their pets through tough times.

Jeanne Sozio became a spokesperson for All4Pets, WNY after it started. She was very passionate about animals and wanted to help all that she could with the help of All4Pets, WNY. We honor her by continuing her passion for pets and saving as many as we can.

A Lifeline for Pets Our mission Statement:

To provide a one-time grant of money to pay for life saving medical treatment for pets whose caring, responsible owners cannot pay for the care of their pets needs due to low income, personal crisis, or disaster. Payments will be made directly to the medical care provider. All4PetsWNY does not cover exam fees, diagnostic testing (blood work, x-rays, etc), vaccinations, or spay and neuter operations. In 2020, the estimated number of pet dogs in the USA is between 83.7 million and 88.9 million with pet cats being between 60.2 million and 61.9 million. The majority of today’s pet owners consider their pets as members of their families. They want to do everything possible to give their pets a long happy and healthy life. Unfortunately, the cost of many modern life-saving operations are too expensive to afford without insurance.

Terms and Conditions

All4petsWNY covers the following counties in NYS: Monroe, Livingston, Genesee, Wyoming, Erie, Niagara, and Orleans. All donations made to All4Pets are tax deductible. All veterinary services donated are also tax deductible. One time grant paid directly to a veterinarian to provide life-saving treatment to an otherwise healthy pet

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