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Hello. My name is Jessica and I am a 21 year cancer survivor. I was diagnosed when I was three years old (I am now 24) with Neuroblastoma Cancer. I had tumors wrapped around my spinal cord and my organs and was given a very small chance of even surviving the chemotherapy and radiation. I beat the odds although today, I am not without medical problems as a result from the chemo and radiation. I have a very hard time walking, sitting, standing, and getting up because of the pain in my hips, back and legs. About 6 years ago, my family and I adopted our labrador/retriever, Blue.

Since then, I have grown up and moved out on my own and Blue has come with me. She is the most intuitive, loving, wonderful dog that I have ever known. She helps me get up when I'm having a hard time, listens when I have to talk, and loves me unconditionally! Blue recently started scratching her ear causing an infection and a hematoma on the inside of her ear. While the vet and I had hoped that antibiotics and steroids would help everything to heal, I was told there might be a possibility that Blue would need surgery to drain the hematoma and suture her ear back together. It got to the point where it was obvious that Blue would need the surgery and being on my own, I was unsure about how I was going to be able to afford it. After all that Blue has done for me and continues to do, I only wanted her to be safe and free of the pain I could tell she had. My mom found the organization 'All for Pets' through Lori's Natural Foods Center and told me about it.

After speaking with Robyn, I felt a little better knowing that I might be able to get some help towards Blue's surgery. A few hours later, Robyn called me back to tell me that they would help pay for the surgery. It felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders knowing that my puppy would be able to finally get what she needed to get better and be free of the pain. It was amazing and I don't know how to thank Robyn and the committee for their help. It was because of them that Blue is doing wonderful today. It's 3 days after her surgery and she is already almost back to her regular puppy self! Thank You for this amazing gift of being able to help my dog feel better and for giving me my beautiful girl the help she needed so that we can take care of each other! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support, kind words, and help towards Blue's bright future! Love Always, Jessica and Blue

Thank You again for your help. Blue is doing very well. She came home the same day she went in and the surgery went great. I am attaching a picture of us for your website along with some information about us! Thank You again for helping me take care of my baby. I don't know how I would have been able to pull it off and make sure that she was safe and pain free if it weren't for you and your organization!


A note of thanks for assisting my daughter Jessia with getting help for her 6 year old black lab mix, friend, family member and "dog nurse' Blue. Blue was having horrible symptoms of scratching and shaking which resulted in a hematoma in her ear and extensive loss of fur resulting in a surgery and open wound areas. Blue is now being treated for allergies and is still in medical treatment.

The reason Blue is so important to Jess, is of course the love and companionship, but Jess is a Cancer surviver of 24 years and has multiple health issues herself, including mobility. Blue helps her get up out of bed and chairs. Blue also acts as Ears for Jess (door, smoke alarm, microwave, ...) as Jessica is also hearing impaired from her treatments.

Thank you for helping and putting my mind at ease.

Sincere Thanks and God Bless,
From a Mom - Jessica's Mom


Had grade 4 luxating Patella and had to have surgery. Grade 4 luxations are when the legs are painful enough that the dog tries not to use them, when the leg can not be fully straightened manually and the dog shows evidence of chronic pain or disability, including poor to no ability to jump.

He is doing well using the leg more each day. He is very happy to be out of his crate. Duke says Thanks, I can now romp and play.


Dear Robin and everyone on the board. My family and I would like to THANK YOU so much for helping save my cats life!

She needed a life saving operation and all of you helped to save her life. My family and I are very greatful to you all so much. By the way she is doing great. so thank you again and god bless you all.

Dianne Dunlap and Family.


All4Pets paid the balance of Sophie's treatment over what the owner could pay

My name is Gregory, I am writing to you today because my cat Sophie has a very nasty infection in her gum and her back molar. I was unable to work the past 10 months after I was hurt in a car accident. However I am college educated and have been trying my hardest to save money for my cats health.

I have managed to save a little because I was just able to start working part time. However I do not have enough money yet and her tooth and gum are becoming unbearable for her. Please write me back soon if you are able to help or if you could tell me someone that is able to help.

Thank you for your time


We are in the process of moving, the car broke down and our beloved puppy got sick and Shotzie started school all at the same time! Nothing took priority over the puppy it seemed. Nine dogs in our old neighborhood died of Parvo, including a mans wife's seeing eye dog, it was very sad!

We were not in the position to pay for the necessary health care the dog needed and no time to wait. Thanks to god you were there to help! Even I, never realized the impact that a pet can have on a whole family and a neighborhood, you were a life saver (literally) for our puppy!

Also, the hope you gave to the whole neighborhood as they waited to see if he would make it was amazing to see! These are some pictures of our boy, god bless you all and we will be sure to give as soon as we are settled again and always when we can.

Thank you again for bringing hope to those who have none, in times of darkness and despair!

The Doran family and a neighbor hood of thanks.



The past couple of weeks were very long. I've spent pretty much the entire time laying down petting my Gus. He would cry every time I would try to leave him which broke my heart, but I think he may have been playing it up a little bit. The photos are of Gus and my other son Trooper laying on the air mattress that became my bed while he wasn't able to climb stairs. My boys usually don't sleep together but it was truly a unique experience to see how they interacted with each other knowing one was hurt. I wish I took photos of Trooper when he sensed Gus was feeling better he started placing toys in Gus' cone head while he was sleeping. It was really cute.

Yesterday Gus has his staples removed and he was a good boy. Dr. B doesn't really see the point in the leg braces. I feel comfortable with the explanation and recommendation that the Dr. at Cornells Pain Clinic gave for him needing the extra support. I'm sure they're more on the ball with new procedures and therapies for our pets than old school ways of thinking. Today was Gus' first true day of wearing the leg brace and he was a champ. Walked kinda funny! I'll take some photos of my new "special ed" boy. I wish he had a better disposition so that he could be a therapy dog like trooper. It would've been great to be be able to take him to the children's hospital and show them a doggie with braces just like them. Feel free to use any of the photos for All for pets. I am truly thankful for all your help! Gus has another recheck appointment next month to make sure he is still doing well. I'll keep you updated.

With great appreciation
Nicole, Gus, and Trooper too


My name is Kevin Reyes, I arrived to Rochester, NY not too long ago to continue my education at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Upon my arrival to RIT I was able to settle down while renting an apartment with a roommate at which time I obtained Jasper, a black Labrador Retriever.

Jasper was born on April 10, 2009 - and was given to me at the young age of 3 months on July 14th, 2009 by a significant other. His name, Jasper Hale Cullen, was chosen after a hilarious incident... I posted a poster of Twilight, the movie, in my room and Jasper jumped up at one of the character and started barking at it, that character just happens to be Jasper Hale Cullen so that was how his name was chosen.

Jasper has shown many traits to be a hard working and energetic dog at such a very young age that I have signed him up for Assistance Animal training. He became a service dog officially on October 20th, 2009 and was so proud to accompany me to many places throughout Rochester, NY.

His hard work and determination surpasses my expectation that I am proud to call him my service dog. He has also been a great companion throughout the times that I felt lonely being away from the familiar surroundings of my home on the island of Guam.

The help of All4Pets has been a blessing for Jasper and I during our time of need and we would be forevermore thankful for all the support and help we had received. Thank you so much!


On March 30, 2009 I took my dog to the veterinarian because he had been throwing up for a couple of days and I was not sure what was going on.  After taking X-rays I was told that he had something lodged in his small intestine just outside of his stomach.  I was sent home with a special diet and the hope that he could pass the object with a bowel movement however, if he was not able to pass it he would need surgery.  Worse case senario was that his intestine could rupture and he would need to be euthanised if I couldnt afford the surgery.  That was when the panic set in.  I had just recently resigned from my job to attend school fulltime and was working every other weekend.  There was no way I could afford the surgery, I was givem an estimate of $1100 to $1800.  I felt hopeless it was a life or death situation and I couldnt AFFORD to do anything about it.  I sat and watched him get worse over the next two days and knew he needed the surgery. 
I called everywhere to see if other vet offices would take a payment plan and no one would, finally a local vet office suggested I call ALL4PETSWNY, they saved my dogs life.  I called and spoke to Robin on April 2, 2009 and King was in surgery by 4pm that day.  I can't express how greatful my family is for their help!  King is feeling great and we have thrown away every round object we have in our home to avoid this from ever happening again.


This is "SHADOW" that your board approved to help him recieve surgery for his hernia. Shadow is only 5 months old and was rescued from abandonent.




Tigger went in this morning to get the surgery I was very nervous. I asked so many questions I think they thought he was my child. After giving him lots of love and telling him that everyone from All4Pets love him too the vet took him away. I cleaned my house all day to keep my mind off of him it finally came time to pick him up. I sent my husband to pick Tigger up. Tigger looked so tired when he came home and he hates the collar he already took it off twice. He has three different meds to take. I have to take him back in a week.

I can not thank you enough for your help. I was so worried when this happened to Tigger he is a older cat and I was so scared that I was going to lose him. And then when the vets told me that he was going to need the surgery and the cost of it was high I was terrified. I didn't have the money to do the surgery and I just thought that I was going to be the cause of Tiggers pain and suffering. But then Tiggers guardian angels came (All4Pets & Robyn) and without any hesitation they helped a cat and his owners in need. You will all be in my families thoughts and heart. For you I have to look forward to many, many more years with Tigger. Thank you.

I will keep you updated though out the week withTiggers healing process.

With love,
The Werner family and Tigger

Tigger had a severe hematoma (extremely bad blood blister) blocking his ear canal. It was caused by scratching and extreme head shaking from an ear mite infestation and related yeast infection. They drained it once but it came back with a vengeance, prohibiting access to the ear canal for treatment and causing severe pain to the kitty. the surgery removed the hematoma permanently and will allow his ear to heal normally.

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